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The GSdnaskin U-Vital Story

GSdnaskin U-Vital™ Inner Beauty Supplements began with the simple observation: the French retain their youthful radiance longer despite their high-fat diet. This observation, known by the medical profession as the “French Paradox”, revealed that the French had a natural solution to better support America’s health. Over a decade later, Dr. M Baer, U-Vital GSdnaskin CEO and Dr. Sean Maruki, a leading Japanese Anti-Aging M.D., set out to share the French secret of preserving youth with Americans. The seed of inspiration took root and thus U-Vital was founded.

Baer and Maruki began with the fundamental goal of sharing the finest French polyphenols with Americans by combining them with polygonum cuspidatum and other key ingredients in products. Combining French polyphenols with Resveratrol, a compound scientifically shown to be the element in red wine that can increase cellular productivity and longevity, and can help, leads to a longer, healthier life. Thus the search began in organic/biodynamic vineyards that would provide optimal levels of these active polyphenols.

After an exhaustive search, they discovered a vineyard situated in the rustic heart of Southern France, which met their strict requirements. Under the thorough care of seventh-generation family vintners, the land produced award-winning wines that have graced the tables of internationally renowned chefs.

Following meticulous and substantial scientific testing of the organic grapes, seeds, stems and vines, Baer and Maruki knew they had found the French polyphenol source to combine with Resveratrol to create the perfect Resveratrol based product. While securing exclusive rights to the vineyard’s raw material, they partnered with a state-of-the-art polyphenol manufacturing facility only minutes from the vineyard. The plant’s close proximity and pre-eminent organic chemists ensured that Dr Baer and Dr Maruki’s polyphenol blend in its supplements would be the freshest available.

Whittel and Lafforgue then began developing a unique and proprietary extraction process that preserved the essential phytonutrients found in grape skins, stems and vines, thus creating the perfect polyphenol blend to combine with the Resveratrol. Et voilá! Success! Their supplement, carefully crafted from a combination of Resveratrol from polygonum cuspidatum with Muscadine grapes. Our blend includes grapes from the heart of the French vineyards. The secret to supporting natural, long-lasting radiance was finally revealed!

We, at GSdnaskin U-Vital, have taken this exploration and made it our purpose. Simply stated, we commit to delivering the World’s Purest Resveratrol®. Today, GSdnaskin U-Vital has become the standard of excellence for natural products that promote healthy longevity and youthfulness†. Every member of our team shares an enduring, unending commitment to the principles of our founders – their dream is now our mission and commitment.