LJ Nourisher


LJ Nourisher


Made in France

Give your skin a luxurious treat with this exceptional ALL-Day nourisher containing the precious ingredients of our unique ginseng berry complex which softens, and aid in skin replenish of nutrients and moisture to new skin cells. Your skin appears smooth, luminous, gentle, and glows vibrantly healthy.

The concentrate ginseng berry complex will perform deep nourishing and hydration to help the growth of your new skin cells. After the enrichment cycle, it leaves your skin supple, smooth and radiant.

Directions for use

Apply day and night after a gentle face wash on the whole face, ears and décolletage throat and neck areas as part of your skin improvement routine.

What is Time Reverse ALL-DAY Nourisher?

Specially formulated for the skin. Time Reverse ALL-DAY Nourisher is your companion for skincare in the face and neck area, which is vital and delicate. With high concentrations of La Jeunesse Complex designed for delicate pores, this cream with a silky smooth texture gently nourishes the eye area without burdening it. It delivers a boost to skin by helping to stimulate collagen production and hydrates the skin, defying the signs of aging for firmness and elasticity.

Time Reverse ALL-DAY Nourisher also forms a protective barrier that shields the skin against environmental assaults, effectively protecting skin from further visible signs of aging.

For visibly less fine lines within 20 days, treat your eye area to a refreshing gentle massage with this rejuvenating and restorative cream that goes on like a dream with no sticky feeling. Experience a lifted and supple frame all over your skin. Look fatigued no more!

Why does the skin need nourishment?

Compared to other areas of the body, the face area has fewer oil glands to keep it moisturized. It is subjected to frequent usage—we have at least 20,000 seperate facial expression daily. What’s more, the skin around the face is thinner and more fragile. With no protection, the skin on the face is especially prone to dryness and aging, leading to problems such as discoloration, crow’s feet and sagging. It requires more care and nourishment compared to other parts of the skin.

How should I use Time Reverse ALL-DAY Nourisher?

Lightly massage a little Time Reverse ALL-DAY Nourisher into the skin until fully absorbed.

When should I use Time Reverse ALL-DAY Nourisher?

La Jeunesse Nourisher is suitable for daily usage. Use day and night to nourish your skin.