GSdnaskin™ Test Kit



GSdnaskin™ Personalized Skin Care Starts Now!

GSdnaskin™ represents an unprecedented approach to skin care. Your personalized skin care program starts with your GSdnaskin™ Test Kit*. By taking this simple test, you will unlock the secrets to your skin’s genetic strengths and weaknesses. We can scientifically select the correct products that will most benefit your skin’s beauty and health.




When Choosing Skin Care Products, First Know Your Skin

GSdnaskin™ will help you discover your skin’s potential to:

  • make and maintain healthy collagen levels

  • be prone to damage from inflammation
  • have the sun rob it of its natural health and beauty
  • sustain damage from your blood sugar levels through a process called glycation
  • be vulnerable to wrinkling and aging from free radical damage

With GSdnaskin™, science, not guesswork, provides you with a clear choice as to which skin care products and supplements are just right for each individual. The DNA test takes only 2 minutes to complete, once you receive your results, it gives  answers in the form of an easy-to-read GSdnaskin™ report.


Personalized Skin Care is the Real Reward

The customized DNA report can help you confidently begin a skin care program that is scientifically personalized. Along with the cleanser, toner and moisturizer, GSdnaskin™ provides serums and supplements that match your specific needs.

While conventional products may cover up unsightly skin conditions, GSdnaskin™ looks inside and unlocks the secrets to your health and beauty.