Skin Care Products Just for You

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Serums and Supplements for Renewed Skin

The customized GSdnaskin™ Program begins with the personalized skin care serums and supplements recommended Just for the individual . GSdnaskin™ bases the personalized program on the GSdnaskin™ DNA report.  The report will list the specific products that best meet the needs of the individual. Using cutting-edge genetic science and the extensive clinical experience of GS DNA Scientists, GSdnaskin™ provides a unique combination of serums and supplements designed Just for the individual.

Replace skin care guesswork with genetically-designed skin care and nutritional support. There is no one size fits all. No more guesswork, no more buying products that “feel” like they might help. Now there is a solution that is Just for the individual!

After taking the DNA Test, one can immediately start using the Products for All. Then, after receiving the personalized DNA report, select the treatment serums and supplements recommended.

How it Works

There are 144 possible combinations of serums and supplements that can be combined to address your skin’s unique needs. Your DNA genetic test results will guide you to the products that we have scientifically formulated.

Have the best results with the GSdnaskin™ program by taking the DNA test to guide your selections.