GSdnaskin™ Skin Care Products for Everyone:

Nourisher and Serum

We call the GSdnaskin™ Starter Pack “products for all” because it contains just that; products that should be used by ALL people on the GSdnaskin™ program. The products for all—including our specially formulated cleanser, toner and moisturizer—serve as a foundation with which your customized GSdnaskin™ products will work. The Starter Pack is a critical part of the program success, formulated and clinically tested to ensure you achieve the results you deserve.

These products, used in conjunction with your personalized serums and supplements, will provide a personalized skin care program you can use confidently. Take the guesswork out of your skin care.

The Best of Science and Nature

GS DNA Scientists developed each of these products by combining the latest breakthroughs in skin care technology with natural ingredients like phytochemicals, antioxidants, and peptides. All GSdnaskin™ products are free from added fragrance, color, mineral oil, parabens, or other ingredients that may be harmful or irritating to your skin. GS DNA Scientists chooses ingredients based on quality and efficacy using the latest science and advancements in the skin care world.

GS DNA Scientists’ extensive scientific understanding of optimal health and beauty allows you to take the guesswork out of skin care with breakthrough products refined through years of use in clinical testing and research. GSdnaskin™ represents a shift in skin care philosophy where science and personalization do the work instead of trial and error.


LJ Nourisher





LJ Essence