About Us


Our Mission

Make your active years your best years. We invite you to experience our relentless pursuit of optimum skin health through natural, chemical and toxin free, plant based DNA tested ingredients to help you stay healthy and active throughout your lifespan.

Our mission statement (above) is not just words to us, but a promise of our commitment. With our knowledge, leadership and products to promote healthy living, we have the ability to make a difference.

In today’s world health community, La Jeunesse™ serves as the leader in the field of Nutrition Genomics a science that focuses on the delicate balance between nutrition and our core DNA ability to maintain optimal health. As such, we are dedicated to improving quality of life through wholesome, nutritious products based on this remarkable science.

In the laboratory, our technicians’ first priority is to test every batch of product, ensuring it meets GSdnaskin™ strict standards of quality. Several tests are also performed to guarantee that every product is free of impurities. It is not until these tests are complete that our laboratory technicians will give their stamp of approval. We take great care to provide our worldwide consumers with the finest products on the market.

GSdnaskin’s manufacturing process is overseen by a management team with years of experience in manufacturing according to strict pharmaceutical standards. An independent team of qualified control specialists verifies that each product meets our high level of quality.

Our dedicated Customer Service staff provides exceptional service in English, Chinese , Japanese and French. They take great pride in being able to effectively and accurately serve our Consumers and Distributors.

Nutrition Genomics is the foundation for each of our product formulations, and we consider it a privilege to present these products to our worldwide consumers.

Our success can be attributed to many factors: our deep foundation in DNA science and tradition, our remarkable products based on the science of Nutrition Genomics, our dedication to modern research and development, our excellent leadership, and above all else our dedicated Distributors who diligently share the message of La Jeunesse™ Nutrition Genomics®. As a company, we are grateful for the foundation we have built and we look forward to what lies ahead.


Extensive research and great care go into selecting the best source of nutrients. Only plants and herbs that are brimming with antioxidants, phytochemicals and polysaccharides make the cut. For example, oranges and lemons are traditional sources of Vitamin C, yet rose hips contain 50 times more Vitamin C than a lemon. Some of the nutrient-rich ingredients used in E. Excel products are: cactus, cactus fruits ginseng berries grape seed, rose, and other herbs and whole foods.


More than just identifying a nutritious herb or plant, Nutrition Genomics experts even focus on choosing the right species of the plant that is especially packed with nutrients only for the skin. For example, some species of roses are very beneficial in rebuilding your skin cells while others flowers have minimum effect.


Experts must also identify the best part of the plant to use. For example, ginseng root contains different classes of immune system supporting ginsenosides than ginseng berries. The pads of Opuntia Cacti have a different nutrient composition as compared to the fruits. We identify the vital part of the plant, such as the root, leaf or flower, and use it exclusively for the skin cells.


Each plant must be cultivated organically in just the right climate for optimal growth. Temperature, exposure to sunlight, fertilization, moisture and soil conditions must all be carefully monitored for each plant to retain the maximum amount of nutrients.


The age of a plant is an important determinant of effectiveness, flavor and texture. Even the most nutritious plants yield little value if they are harvested at the wrong age. For example, roses are more nutritious if harvested young but ginger berries should develop for at least 48 months. Even the harvesting hour can be critical; cactus pads are harvested early in the day to reduce acidity.


It takes breakthrough horticulture knowledge and experience to maximize nutrient retention during handling and processing. Scientific studies show that not one process is correct, but by applying the latest technology on the market, La Jeunesse™ stays at the forefront of manufacturing. We use the best method for each individual ingredient, from freeze-drying to microfiltration. La Jeunesse™ quality control technicians conduct tests at every stage of processing and only allow the highest quality to be distributed.

There is a difference between good plant products and excellent ones. Others may be satisfied to produce herbal products with a fair amount of nutrients. At La Jeunesse™, we challenge ourselves to select the best herbs and plant foods and deliver them to you in the purest, freshest and most nutritious form possible. Thanks to the science of Nutrition Genomics, La  Jeunesse International products bring you the most precious gift in the world – Time Reversing Skin Care Series